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Whether you need an outgoing phone message, a commercial to broadcast, narration to explain super techy stuff, or an audio book...I've got you covered!  Book a Discovery Call.



Extra, Extra, Hear All About It!  Sheryl loves to broadcast the good news about your company, products and services.  Whether you need a corporate, casual or comic voice over for your commercial,

Sheryl will deliver it with lots of heart!


It shouldn’t be a surprise that Sheryl loves being the voice of your Phone system.  Her Dad worked for Pacific Bell. There was literally a phone in every room of the house!  

The only thing she got in trouble for in school was talking too much. 

Now it's a superpower!


Sheryl is an explainer of things.  And also is really good at narrating Explainer videos and E-Learning modules.

You have problems, she can narrate the solution!


It was an off-day if Sheryl wasn't reading at least four books a day.  Audiobook narration is a natural extension of her love of reading and storytelling.


She also loves doing virtual home tours.

And if it involves Meerkats, she is your person!

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