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Extra, Extra, Hear All About It!  Sheryl loves to broadcast the good news about your company, products and services .  Whether you need a corporate, casual, or comic voice over for your commercial,  Sheryl will deliver it with lots of heart!

Phone Hold & IVR

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Sheryl loves being the voice of your Phone system.  Her Dad worked for Pacific Bell and there was literally a phone in every room of the house.  And the only thing she got in trouble for in school was talking too much.  Now its a superpower!


Sheryl has always been an explainer of things from the get-go.  And that is why she also loves to narrate Explainer videos and E-Learning modules. You have problems, she can narrate the solution!

Audiobook & Narration

If in childhood Sheryl wasn’t reading at least four books at a time, it was an off day.  Narrating Audio books are a natural extension of her love of reading and storytelling.  And she also loves doing in-show narration.  And if it involves Meerkats, she is your person.

Guided Meditation

Sheryl knows the power of the mind, is well...powerful.  She can help you with guided meditation or how to let go of the things holding you back.  She will even create a personalized meditation for you - Namaste.

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